Leadership Coaching

Coaching for leadership focuses on helping individuals create development plans to reach their success potential.

Advancing in leadership is a significant accomplishment and it can also be quite challenging. Learning a new competency, working with a new team and learning a new market segment or industry takes time and experience to develop. The methods used to achieve success in your previous roles do not always transfer as success in your new role. When the bar is raised and you need to reach new levels of success, BRS is here to assist your bring clarity and focus to identifying and developing a plan to achieve the desired level of proficiency required for success.

BRS came assist you identify your specific needs, gaps in your skillset and assist you with working through a challenging situation or business issue. BRS helps you understand through assessments your leadership style and personality traits as well as how you may be perceived by others. This will help you to become a better leader for your team, peers and others with whom you interact.

We can help you provide solutions and develop plans tailored to your individual needs and goals. BRS can provide ongoing support to you with regularly scheduled sessions or provide you with the framework to manage on your own and have sessions on a regular or on an as needed basis.

Transitional Coaching

BRS provides coaching support to individuals who are transitioning from one role to another, in between positions or transitioning to a new career. We can provide support to you on a one-time basis or ongoing to help you develop action plans with target objectives and keep you on task to achieve your success.